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Free shipping on order over 350€


Products of excellence

Italy, a land that offers culture, history, traditions and a deep care for all that is beautiful. The landscapes, the products of the earth, many food excellences and a large number of small artisans who produce unique objects, small works of art that often remain linked only to a small circumscribed territory.
Italian Lifestyle wants to make these excellences known to a wider audience. Our intent is to provide you with both products and information on how to live your “Italian way”.
We want to give anyone the opportunity to have a small piece of Italy at home, a small shop with products of extreme quality.

POR FESR TOSCANA   2014 – 2020 – AZIONE 1.1.2 subazioni a e b

“Sostegno per l’acquisto di servizi per l’innovazione tecnologica, strategica, organizzativa e commerciale delle imprese”
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